Complex filters

Quick reference about Complex Filters in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) with SSJS (server-side JavaScript).

Basic usage

    Property: "IsActive", 
    SimpleOperator: "equals", 
    Value: true 

Complex usage

    LeftOperand: {
        Property: "Adult", 
        SimpleOperator: "equals", 
        Value: true 
    LogicalOperator: "OR",
    RightOperand: {
        LeftOperand: {
            Property: "Age", 
            SimpleOperator: "isNotNull",
            Value: "" 
        LogicalOperator: "AND",
        RightOperand: {
            Property: "Age", 
            SimpleOperator: "greaterThan", 
            Value: 18 


Filter operators

Use these operators when building filters for most objects.

  • equals
  • notEquals
  • greaterThan
  • lessThan
  • isNull
  • isNotNull
  • greaterThanOrEqual
  • lessThanOrEqual
  • between
  • IN
  • like

The following operators work only for the DataFilter property:

  • existsInString
  • existsInStringAsAWord
  • notExistsInString
  • beginsWith
  • endsWith
  • contains
  • notContains
  • isAnniversary
  • isNotAnniversary
  • greaterThanAnniversary
  • lessThanAnniversary


The IN property evaluates to True if the value of the specified property is in the specified list.

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